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How to Use SVG Icon as AvatarBadge in Chakra UI

I was recently building a side project and I was using Chakra UI + Next.js. I wanted to put the Google logo as a Badge in the bottom right of an Avatar Image.
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How File-System Based Routing Works in Next.js

Next.js has file-system based routing built-in. You don’t have to explicitly define the path in the router. It’s as easy as adding a file inside the folder and you are done. There are multiple ways you can define a path using the file structure.
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Linux Commands: watch

watch is used to run a command repeatedly and display its output and error at regular intervals. This is useful when you want to run a command repeatedly and observe its output getting changed over a period of time.
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Linux Commands: env

env can be used to print the environment variables or pass environment variables to a utility/command without setting them in the current shell session.
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Linux Commands: printenv

printenv is used to print out the environment variables. Environment variables are a common form of setting global values across a terminal session. Environment variables can be set by the systems, automation scripts, or by the user.
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