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How to change the port of a Next.js application

I have been building my personal website using Next.js. By default, Next.js server runs on port 3000 which is good but sometimes you want to run the server on a different port maybe because you already have a service running on it, or maybe it’s not …
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Linux Commands: ls

ls is the Linux command to list the content of a directory. You can list all the files and folders inside a directory. Let’s try it in your terminal.
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How to implement concurrency in Go

Go was designed to run on modern computers with multiple cores. Go has first-hand support for concurrency through goroutines and channels. Writing a concurrent program in Go is as simple as adding a single keyword. Let’s dive straight into the implementation.
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Create Golang HTTP Server in 15 Lines

Golang has quickly become an industry standard for creating and maintaining high scale web services. It has an inbuilt package net/http to create an HTTP server. This package reduces the barrier of creating the server.
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